The Librarian and the Spy: Susan Mann

Information decoding, harry potter references, arms dealers, missing friend, trip to London (from L.A.), C.I.A, nukes, dead Russian black market dealer, steamy kisses, sweet date, Oxford Prof., James Bond references and a story that comes full circle from family to family. The librarian and the spy was interestingly written from a badass librarian's perspective, who… Continue reading The Librarian and the Spy: Susan Mann

Short Wattpad Spy Stories: Raven and Atlas

Remember when I talked about my spy romance addiction in the last blog, it turns out almost every Wattpad story is about a high-school girl spy while I wish to read some with a guy spy in it. Not that I don't love a good girl spy novel but my preference today speaks differently. The… Continue reading Short Wattpad Spy Stories: Raven and Atlas

A Phase of Spy Dramas, Novels and Writings

Yes, you read it correctly! Spy dramas and novels are big with me so, if you want your dose of spy drama and spy romance, tune in. I was just skimming through a series of things of watch or read when a 'Korean Drama Man to Man' caught my eye. It has one of the… Continue reading A Phase of Spy Dramas, Novels and Writings