The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

Simple, laid out neatly, and a balanced mix of action, adventure and romance, Nora Roberts' Guardian Trilogy brings a 3 pair of people together in a quest to seek out the stars. Together, they finds friendship, unforgettable companionship and Nora Roberts' famed romance. With each both, the heart thumping adventure gets better and better as… Continue reading The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

Life and Death: Stephenie Meyer

Rightfully so, Life and Death is Twilight re-imagined with a gender swap: Bella as Beau and Edward as Edyth. Except a couple of characters like Charlie and Renee, every character has experienced a gender swap here. The story remains the same except a few adjustments like intended molesters are replaced with gangsters and swooning teen… Continue reading Life and Death: Stephenie Meyer

The Smoke Hunter: Jacquelyn Benson

The exciting and adventurous events of 'The Smoke Hunter' is set in a time way back from our own. It addresses the mindset of a woman of modern thoughts living in 1898 and a rebellious man trying to make his way in life. They are caught together in a race to reach their goal against… Continue reading The Smoke Hunter: Jacquelyn Benson

In the Shadow of the Storm: Wattpad

*The image is not my own by the cover of the story* It is that time of the month, when a romance story catches your attention. What caught my attention was a 'slow burn' paranormal romance 'In the Shadow of the Storm' by Ren Tachiban on Wattpad. You know what this means? It is time… Continue reading In the Shadow of the Storm: Wattpad