The Sword of Summer: Rick Riordan

Sarcasm, humble and human fears are some of the words that broadly describe Magnus Chase, the new hero in the Norse World (he is Annabeth's cousin). One thing that strikes me again and again through this series is an old phrase. It goes something along the lines: 'ones who have leadership thrust upon them make… Continue reading The Sword of Summer: Rick Riordan

The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

Simple, laid out neatly, and a balanced mix of action, adventure and romance, Nora Roberts' Guardian Trilogy brings a 3 pair of people together in a quest to seek out the stars. Together, they finds friendship, unforgettable companionship and Nora Roberts' famed romance. With each both, the heart thumping adventure gets better and better as… Continue reading The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

Court of Fives: Kate Elliott

The fantasy world in Court of Fives where Jessamy lives and runs is both thrilling with it's underground maze, tomb of oracles and five maze, and, chilling with its customs of burying people alive, scheming lords who thrive on power and silent promises of betrayal in every relationships. In a world such as this, the… Continue reading Court of Fives: Kate Elliott

The Smoke Hunter: Jacquelyn Benson

The exciting and adventurous events of 'The Smoke Hunter' is set in a time way back from our own. It addresses the mindset of a woman of modern thoughts living in 1898 and a rebellious man trying to make his way in life. They are caught together in a race to reach their goal against… Continue reading The Smoke Hunter: Jacquelyn Benson