Wizards: A Collection of Short Stories (Part 4)

This book of short stories has taken me through all the emotions: high, low, depressed, sad, heartbroken, satisfied, confused and more. Today, in the series of review I will talk about the final 4 stories from this book. Image by @ilirion994 The stories clubbed in this part of the review have a few things in… Continue reading Wizards: A Collection of Short Stories (Part 4)

Book: City of Glass

I have been have been reading Cassandra Clare's much famed Mortal Instrument Series. At this point I have finished City of Glass. There is something about the series so far that irritates and annoys me but also keeps me on my toes. I am addicted to the 'Shadowhunter show' and it's couple Magnus Bane and… Continue reading Book: City of Glass