The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

Simple, laid out neatly, and a balanced mix of action, adventure and romance, Nora Roberts' Guardian Trilogy brings a 3 pair of people together in a quest to seek out the stars. Together, they finds friendship, unforgettable companionship and Nora Roberts' famed romance. With each both, the heart thumping adventure gets better and better as… Continue reading The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

The Smoke Hunter: Jacquelyn Benson

The exciting and adventurous events of 'The Smoke Hunter' is set in a time way back from our own. It addresses the mindset of a woman of modern thoughts living in 1898 and a rebellious man trying to make his way in life. They are caught together in a race to reach their goal against… Continue reading The Smoke Hunter: Jacquelyn Benson

Wizards: A Collection of Short Stories (Part 4)

This book of short stories has taken me through all the emotions: high, low, depressed, sad, heartbroken, satisfied, confused and more. Today, in the series of review I will talk about the final 4 stories from this book. Image by @ilirion994 The stories clubbed in this part of the review have a few things in… Continue reading Wizards: A Collection of Short Stories (Part 4)

Wizards: A collection of Short Stories (Part 2)

The first two stories in this collection of the wizarding world invoked the theme of kindness in magic and power in magic while the next three story reviews bring forth a more grounded human perspective about finding one's place in the world, earning a day's meal, seeking acceptance, desiring more from life than ordinary and… Continue reading Wizards: A collection of Short Stories (Part 2)