This is a start of new things for me. New surrounding, neighborhood, city, country, states, profession and life in general. With new things come new experiences. I sometimes post #prompt photos on my Insta handle and requests for a more regular prompt session pour in. So I am giving a go to ‘weekly prompt series‘.

What is it all about?

Personally, or rather non-digitally, I write daily. Sometime I have inspiration, sometimes an idea or at other times just a mood. As I go on writing, I will share a prompt from that that. In other words…

I will post a ‘weekly prompt’ blog every week on Monday with 5 prompts, each accompanied with a photo I took during the week. It could be a headline, a dialogue, a quote, a word or anything that comes to my mind.

How does it help?

You can make a blog out of that/those prompt(s) and send me your links through comments or ping backs. The writes aren’t bound by genre and purely open to your imagination and capability.
On Sunday, you and I share our favorite writes of the week.

Keep a lookout for Prompt in the Categories section.
Let the joy ride begin!