36 Indian Superstitions: Mother Knows Best

One thing that's abundant in India is superstition. Other people believe in personal jinxes or a couple of religious superstitions that have been passed down in the family. Here, people adopt and adapt to any and every jinxes they can gather. There were superstitions my parents (mom more like it) passed down in their knowledge… Continue reading 36 Indian Superstitions: Mother Knows Best

A Phase of Spy Dramas, Novels and Writings

Yes, you read it correctly! Spy dramas and novels are big with me so, if you want your dose of spy drama and spy romance, tune in. I was just skimming through a series of things of watch or read when a 'Korean Drama Man to Man' caught my eye. It has one of the… Continue reading A Phase of Spy Dramas, Novels and Writings