The Librarian and the Spy: Susan Mann

Information decoding, harry potter references, arms dealers, missing friend, trip to London (from L.A.), C.I.A, nukes, dead Russian black market dealer, steamy kisses, sweet date, Oxford Prof., James Bond references and a story that comes full circle from family to family. The librarian and the spy was interestingly written from a badass librarian's perspective, who… Continue reading The Librarian and the Spy: Susan Mann

Ancient Astronomers and their Achievements

Astronomy is a fascinating subject to most of us. This fascination has brought human race a long way from the time when earth was considered flat and at the center of the solar system to discovering other galaxies outside our own Milky Way. It is to the credit of these men below that the face… Continue reading Ancient Astronomers and their Achievements

Life and Death: Stephenie Meyer

Rightfully so, Life and Death is Twilight re-imagined with a gender swap: Bella as Beau and Edward as Edyth. Except a couple of characters like Charlie and Renee, every character has experienced a gender swap here. The story remains the same except a few adjustments like intended molesters are replaced with gangsters and swooning teen… Continue reading Life and Death: Stephenie Meyer

Court of Fives: Kate Elliott

The fantasy world in Court of Fives where Jessamy lives and runs is both thrilling with it's underground maze, tomb of oracles and five maze, and, chilling with its customs of burying people alive, scheming lords who thrive on power and silent promises of betrayal in every relationships. In a world such as this, the… Continue reading Court of Fives: Kate Elliott