The Sword of Summer: Rick Riordan

Sarcasm, humble and human fears are some of the words that broadly describe Magnus Chase, the new hero in the Norse World (he is Annabeth's cousin). One thing that strikes me again and again through this series is an old phrase. It goes something along the lines: 'ones who have leadership thrust upon them make… Continue reading The Sword of Summer: Rick Riordan

The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

Simple, laid out neatly, and a balanced mix of action, adventure and romance, Nora Roberts' Guardian Trilogy brings a 3 pair of people together in a quest to seek out the stars. Together, they finds friendship, unforgettable companionship and Nora Roberts' famed romance. With each both, the heart thumping adventure gets better and better as… Continue reading The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:Grace Lin

Have you ever read a kid's book or East Asian fairy tales? For all those who love kids stories or Asian folklore, do read 'Where the Mountain Meets the Moon'. This is one big story made up of assortment of many Chinese folklore rolled in one big package. Did you ever think what would happen… Continue reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:Grace Lin