36 Indian Superstitions: Mother Knows Best

One thing that's abundant in India is superstition. Other people believe in personal jinxes or a couple of religious superstitions that have been passed down in the family. Here, people adopt and adapt to any and every jinxes they can gather. There were superstitions my parents (mom more like it) passed down in their knowledge… Continue reading 36 Indian Superstitions: Mother Knows Best

10 Women’s Day Activities for the Soul

Women's Day activities

How has the past year been? Did you remember how your Women's Day 2017 went by? I am guessing that the answer would be 'no' for most women. While women's day is a highly respected and appreciated day around the world, women themselves take this day quite lightly. Work, home, school, children or some other… Continue reading 10 Women’s Day Activities for the Soul

The Sword of Summer: Rick Riordan

Sarcasm, humble and human fears are some of the words that broadly describe Magnus Chase, the new hero in the Norse World (he is Annabeth's cousin). One thing that strikes me again and again through this series is an old phrase. It goes something along the lines: 'ones who have leadership thrust upon them make… Continue reading The Sword of Summer: Rick Riordan