Hey Everyone,

Abhilasha here (the blog’s name gives it away)
Default Setting: Indian.

Writing is a constructive outlet for my thoughts. I want to be an independent writer and my blog keeps me learning, if not necessarily writing! I am a writer by profession which means I work my days off in the office and as a freelancer, before and, after office all the while juggling to balance it with everyday tasks. I will be working to improve my writing skills and I will be working on them through my blog. If you like my methods, you too can have a go at it.

Apart from being a writer, I am also an avid reader! I am one of those bibliophiles who will swallow up any book or information that comes their way. So, you will find all kinds of ‘Book’ reviews from romance to action, adventure and thriller with quotes (my Instagram is filled with it). There will also be sudden bursts of random learning because I consume (almost literally) informative books.

I am also into ”pen and paper” habit, like writing a diary but I mostly project my thoughts after reading a book or watching a movie and such. If you love inner ‘Ramblings’, I am your girl to exchange some one on one.

If you want to learn more about me, follow me on any of these social channels: Instagram (for quotes), Twitter (if I had a social avatar, it would be twitter), Pinterest (my meme collection and fan-girl  boards).

I am also hopping to start a ‘Travel’ section as I take weekend trips to getaways in the city and outside.
Current Location – Houston, Tx

If you know about the city I would love for you to suggest me some good places to visit and hangout for I am relatively new.


If you love reading my blogs, thank you! If you don’t, well, there is nothing I can do about it. I suggest that you find something to read that you like and have a good time!

Or just binge on Netflix! 😉

Make a great day! 🙂