36 Indian Superstitions: Mother Knows Best

One thing that’s abundant in India is superstition. Other people believe in personal jinxes or a couple of religious superstitions that have been passed down in the family. Here, people adopt and adapt to any and every jinxes they can gather.

There were superstitions my parents (mom more like it) passed down in their knowledge and I had been following simply because they had been a part of my subconscious routine. I started to think of all the said norms that I have come across in my lifetime and the count came down to 36 in the first sitting. There are ones that I follow, then there are those I don’t. As I grew up, I learned that some of them even have basic scientific facts behind them.
Let’s see what these superstitions are and how many of them you know/don’t know.

Side Note: If you know some that have been missing on this list, don’t tell my mom.

  • No Head Wash, Haircut or Nail Cut on Thursdays (As I grew up, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays were thrown in the mix too!)
  • No Cloth washing on Thursdays
  • No doctors on Thursdays
  • Try doing good things or auspicious things on Thursdays.
  • Not to buy footwear on Saturdays (I have been scolded quite a few times for this mistake).
  • Not to buy oil on Saturdays
  • Not to collect spilled oil on Saturdays
  • No reading or sleeping during twilight.
  • Don’t live in/buy a south facing house.

Then there are those superstitions which I follow because there is some grave consequences involved. The reasoning at times is absurd but I’d rather be safe than sorry (the real reason being, I don’t want to go through ‘told you so’).

  • Don’t start any commute (even walks) at 12; reason being accidents can happen.
  • Not to sleep with your feet in the south; reason being not to disrespect the death god.
  • Not to spill salt as you have to pick it up with your eyelids in afterlife.
  • Don’t look in the mirror first thing in the morning as it is back luck for the day.
  • Two times sneezing before an auspicious work or travel strikes back luck.

Finally those absurd one that make me frown or laugh. I could never understand these even if I tried and yet mother dearie manages it all:

  • If a pig or an owl enters the house mistakenly, it is an indication of future monetary prospects.
  • If a black cat crosses your path it is misfortune on the road. Drive safe.
  • Death dreams mean long life.
  • Don’t let any liquid (specially milk) boil over because it leads to illness.
  • Not to sit on a pillow or place your foot on it as it makes you loose money.
  • Not to look at empty vessels, utensils or buckets before leaving the house.
  • If there is a rainbow in the sky along with a sun, two animals are mating.
  • A tied combo of lemon and chili wards off evil/bad luck.
  • Shaking your leg causes loss of wealth.
  • Spilled food on bed causes nightmares.
  • Cleaning the house during evening makes you loose money.
  • Twitchy eyes indicates misfortune.
  • Playing sweet instruments at night attracts snakes.
  • Hiccups? Someone is thinking about you.
  • Palm itching means inflow of money in the future.
  • Foot (Sole) itching indicates upcoming travels.
  • Seeing an animal hunting is bad luck.
  • Seeing animals mating is bad luck too.
  • Bird shit (specially crow) is auspicious.
  • Don’t look into a broken mirror to avoid back luck.
  • Uselessly working scissors in thin air leads to fights.
  • Keeping a borrowed handkerchief leads to fights as well.

With these superstitions breaking one’s back, it is no wonder people feel like bad luck or money loss is just around the corner, waiting to happen. Now that we are talking about corners, another one popped up in my head about Fridays but I better take my leave before another storm of superstitions pour in.
Poor Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays; can’t catch a break.

Do you have something unheard of that only runs in your family?
Did you find something new in there? Or did you know them all?

Let’s share!

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