Women's Day activities

10 Women’s Day Activities for the Soul

How has the past year been? Did you remember how your Women’s Day 2017 went by? I am guessing that the answer would be ‘no’ for most women. While women’s day is a highly respected and appreciated day around the world, women themselves take this day quite lightly. Work, home, school, children or some other responsibility is keeping you at bay. You search the internet for things to do on Women’s Day but the answer is ‘join a march’, ‘help a woman’, ‘raise your voice’. It’s all good and you do it year around but what about today? The one day it matters. None of those activities fits your budget or your schedule.

What if I told you that all those problems have a solution; not one but 10 solution. There is a more flexible way to go about Women’s Day activities. Something that would fit right into your schedule even if your kids hang on to you for dear life or your working hours are tiring.

Add this tiny thing to your this Year’s bucket list: Celebrate yourself.

Happy Women’s Day

“Happy Women’s Day” is something I have been hearing from my pears, friends and family. There are posts going around on social and women like them, comment on them and smile at them. That’s about as much as it extends.

Your husband will take you to dinner. Your child will give you a card. Your friend will come over with flowers. You mom will praise you and you her for being a part of your life. Your manager gives brings you an appreciation memento. Your life is full of happiness and it is a gift from the heaven. But, what about you?

What did you do for yourself? Did you take a minute to thank yourself for working hard? Or did you pat yourself on the back for a good year? No!

It is time to take that step and shake all your worries off for this day. Take some time out of yourself, take a step back from your life, think back to all the good things that happened because of you, think of all the good things you did this year and do your happy dance because you deserve a celebration.

Women’s Day Activities

A very real one. No one need give it to you. Give it to yourself. Here are some of the little things to could do on Women’s Day

  • Take the longest bath in the history of long baths.
  • Throw a brunch for all the beautiful ladies (friends, daughter, mothers, relatives and sisters) in your life. Get together with the female staff for lunch.
  • Put on a nice dress, pour a glass of wine and have some fancy evening dinner.
  • Get the squad together and laugh over cheesecakes and chocolates.
  • Have a slumber party and watch your favorite movies.
  • Buy that book you have been wanting all year long.
  • How about some retail therapy?
  • Go to the art gallery you have been planning to visit.
  • Dance away at a club like never before.
  • If you are looking to go all out, take a spa day.

It is your day. I wouldn’t have to tell you what things to do on Women’s Day, you must have your own list of new and bold to try.

BTW, there is always an alternative: ditch everything and join a women’s march 😉

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