The Guardians Trilogy : Nora Roberts

Simple, laid out neatly, and a balanced mix of action, adventure and romance, Nora Roberts’ Guardian Trilogy brings a 3 pair of people together in a quest to seek out the stars. Together, they finds friendship, unforgettable companionship and Nora Roberts’ famed romance. With each both, the heart thumping adventure gets better and better as a scorned goddess rains hell in their path. I recommend that you get along for the ride.

About the story

Seems like I have already said too much in praise of this series. Once I started it, I just couldn’t get enough of them. One after another, I devoured all three books in the thirst to know what’s next trouble/adventure for this new team and what solutions will they come up next.

The Stars of Fortune

The story starts with our Seer who seeks out the town of Corfu in order to put an end to her vision but ends up meeting 5 others who are walking the same path from different directions. On her way to find the Fire Star, Sasha (the seer) and Brian (the magician) develop romance. But this does not come easy as they come together overcoming personal stories, resistances and purposes. Each other secrets are reveals in layers; as one after the other the dark goddess attacks them and they end up putting their friends lives before their personal secrets.

In the end when the six actually manage to come together in body (in Corfu) and in spirit (right before shifting to Capri), there are more interesting things to anticipate.

Bay of Sighs

As we move away from Corfu, we move away from Brian and Sasha, seeing the story from Swayer’s and Annika’s perspectives now. The happy-go-lucky girl is a mermaid while the man is a traveler (of time and space), both of who risk their life to great lengths in order to thwart the evil goddess’ plan. There is another evil addition to the story, a man named Malcolm who serves the god’s purpose and gets a chance to extract his revenge on Swayer. The results are horrific even though the team succeeds, the man of the narrative suffers deeply.

The aftermath of action is severe on both ends but they all manage to land in Brian’s home. All thanks to Swayer.

The Island of Glass

Brian’s house is the ultimate destination of this story. The story isn’t all that different from the above but we end up seeing a more strategic and informative perspective on the whole. Why? Well, the bad-ass duo Riley and Doyle are the leaders, that is why, of course.

The story here starts with damage unlike above. Riley suffers worse damage than Swayer ever had and gets to a near death experience. But she is the lead after all and thus makes glaring discoveries after discovery. Doyle does his fare share by retrieving the last star and killing the goddess but not without Riley’s help. She is the Arthurian style blade-from-stone retriever, discoverer of Island of Glass and the first timer for love professing.  Yeah! you read the last part correctly. There is love but it feels quite rushed and crazy stupid. No complains in the end because it goes well with these characters.

P.S: We do get to meet the moon goddess, the owner of the three stars.


There is Sasha, the seer, who kick starts the chain of events. Then, there is Brian, the magician and Riley, the she wolf. The three come together and meet Swayer, the traveler. This man finds Annika by the beach and eventually Doyle comes to them as a warrior.


The seer makes the right trip on her instinct and is the one bond that hold everyone together until the moment they learn to trust each other.


Call him magician, that is what he prefers to be called. Plus, he comes from a long line of magicians and seers straight from Celene, the moon goddess.


The she wolf has little background into her pack but we know that there is politics and rules involved. As for herself, he true identity is the knowledge owner/seeker.


The owner of a compass (that is coming down from a long line of family) has a good shot. It earns him a new title, ‘dead-eye’. He makes his fair share of travel (to past, present, across the world and more).


The mermaid who retrieves the water star and has a golden heart and a happy spirit. She has no inhibitions about bodies or about hiding them unlike humans. She is quite a tester to Swayer’s patience.


The warrior out of his time has his own demons from his past and he finally faces them before becoming the retriever of Ice Star. For a man born in 1600s, he has done well for himself.


The man covets Swayer’s compass and knows of Riley’s work and in his true self. love a murdering twist for entertainment. Then comes the dark god in his life and makes him a brainless lethal pawn.

Goddess of Dark

The goddess covets everything that her three sisters, the moon goddesses, gifted the young queen. She tries to take it from the six heroes but time after time is defeated and eventually killed.


The Guardians Trilogy is more than the story of a group seeking to achieve a quest. It is a story of how these six came to be one clan starting them the time when none trusted the other with their secret. It is a story of trust, friendship, happiness, togetherness, romance, companionship, comrade, sacrifice and much more. I do have a short list of things that almost didn’t belong in the series like Sasha’s bow and arrow had no part to play, Doyle and Riley’s bonding was too rushed, the young queen’s unique appearance had no significance and we could have done without the guest appearance of Brian’s grandmother’s . Additionally, the extra sword in the Island of Glass was a total anti-climax after the author spent a ton of energy explaining the significance of 3s in the series.

For someone who hasn’t read other series (if there is any reference of any of the above in to the series which I do not know), this one did pretty good as a standalone (except a few glitches).

On a positive note, my favorite parts in the trilogy were the team coming together, Riley and Swayer’s stone hunting trip to Dublin, Doyle’s sword scene, Brian’s fight against the goddess, Annika and Swayer’s developing romance, the conditions of revealing secrets, Sasha’s first vision, the first deep sea diving, Annika’s shopping powers, Riley’s encyclopedia brain and the list might never end.

I recommend you seek out Nora Roberts’ The Gurdians Trilogy for a big weekend read because once you have started, you might want finish it all before you can let go.

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