Dewdrops On My Window

The bright shine of a sunny morning hurts the eye, the glint of water adds to it just a little more. The sparkles are beautiful but a beauty that brightens the early morning is a sharp jab to the corners of the eye that awoke from long hours of darkness and dreams in the folds of night.

The exquisite water, the pristine lake and the impeccable green are callings of a new day. Yet, the cozy comfort of this day only starts with the dewdrops on my window. It allows me to have the snuggles of my silky sheets a few more minutes. The eyes feast upon the softness of the misty layer that coats the glass until one, then two and more drops start to make their way to the bottom edge. As the minutes tick by, many other kiss the edge before perhaps falling off out of sight.

The water is still exquisite, the lake is still pristine and the grass is still impeccable, all under the generosity of the sunlight. It is only the eyes which now had time to absorb one ray at a time, thanks to the mesh of dewdrops that may or may not return tomorrow with its seamless cover to frame my window.

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