A Last Minute Trip: South Padre Island

When our plans for New Orleans fell through due to the recent stormy weather conditions, a last minute plan to South Padre turned out to be the trip that we needed to kick start our summer in the States.

I have moved around a lot but coming to the United States was a different experience altogether. For one, it wasn’t a family moving, it was just me and my husband along with other nuclear families moving here as non-immigrants for a definitive period.
Needless to say, we were determined to make the most of it with as many trips and adventures as we could undertake.

When our first pre-planned trip to New Orleans fell apart, we had to dig up a last minute location or else cancel the whole thing. Cancelling isn’t an option, especially when 3 other families are involved. So, we put all our heads together 12 hours before the trip and dug through travel sites for good vacation spots. Our options were fairly limited as none of the families were willing to repeat a destination they had already covered individually, and rightfully so.

Finally, South Padre and Corpus Christi was set upon:

Day 1

The husbands returned with rented cars and we were all packed and loaded to go by later part of mid day. The last minute packing changes were smaller than the accommodation changes which switched from French Quarter to Brownsville. The last minute accommodation was a whole other drama to deal with but the day ended with all of us tucked in beds, in a grand 5 bedroom house, courtesy of AirBnB.

Day 2

Beach Day! I love, absolutely marvel in a good beach day. And when a large group comes together, you’re bound to have one too many laughs, an allergic person for sure, someone afraid of the deep sea, the ultra excited kid, a surfer, a drifter and a lazy bum who won’t leave the shade and comforts of the tent.


Above? Yeah, that is us with a huge space for 10 people to roll around. All in all we came back to the rented house with a nice tan and some sand in our clothes.

If you want to get in some shopping and a visit to the sand castle (marvelous house sized castle made of sand), I suggest you start earlier than we did.

Day 3

The best part about the last minute vacation plan is that every day is spontaneous. We woke up late and lazy, crawling until 12 by when only half the group was ready to leave. As we did, the rest followed smoothly. It was time to try out the local cuisine and all our friends had some amazing things to say about Dirty Al’s shrimp salad.
*Me and my husband have meet-less food habits so there wasn’t much choice but the gracious lady had a lot of patience with us. In regards to that, we left her a written note on an origami boat and she smiled like crazy thereafter. Made my day. I hope it made her day too!*

DSCF1418 (2)

It was a cruise and fireworks day for us after lunch. We even spotted a dolphin or two but the dance was the better part of that trip. It just kept getting better as we enjoyed a quite sunset and the fireworks show. It will be a happy and memorable day for a long time.

Day 4

All was done and seen in South Padre; with a souvenir T-shirt on we moved to Corpus Christi. It was time to enjoy the USS Lexington Museum before heading back home. The ship, the war ship was huge.
The ship is divided into 5 to 6 sectionals, each one representing a separate story. From engine room and living quarters to Pearl Harbor and Captain’s watch, we left no parts untouched. Let me warn you, your sole is going to ache like crazy and the elderly and kids are going to be worn out for worse. It’s a full day thing.

The trip came to an exhausted, satisfied and peaceful end. We even got to witness the Memorial Day ceremony. I learned a couple of things too: the last minute planning in US is quite different from last minute planning in India.

If you haven’t been to South Padre and Corpus Christi, March to May is the perfect time to do that. If you have, let me know your experiences and how they are different from mine.

P.S. : With the amount of war history the ship has seen, there were a couple of ghosts on the ships too (a fun idea incorporated by the museum).

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