The Informative Series: Introduction

I often find myself enchanted by informative books, the amount of content there is that exists in this world, a reality. Then, there is me who loves to ignore all of it at most times to indulge in fiction. And yet, I, we all, relate to fiction with real emotions.

As I said, I often ignore the real world books… but not always. From time to time, I love to engage in these books and absorb info that someday, somewhere I may be sprouting out to some person as weird nonsense. I love it none-the-less.

As I read these books, I have also decided to start an Informative Series where I will be unloading all the amazing real world things/facts, I come about in these books.

What to expect?

I am the kind of person who has read books like the ‘types of rocks around the world‘ and ‘body anatomy‘ to books like ‘the astronomy book‘ (I am currently reading this one) and ‘great scientific minds in history‘.

In other words, expect loads of random data/ information being poured out to read from any random informational book. This isn’t going to be story telling (or is it?).

Look out for T.I.S. Chapter 1: Ancient Astronomers and their Achievements

Stay Tuned!

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