Desire: Inspired by The Smoke Hunter

I read, or rather, finished a book today: The Smoke Hunter. While review the book is a separate matter altogether, there is a little something I do after reading each book. I idle for hours and write (the kind that uses pen and paper) self reflecting essays. Not often do I share them but I may as well start.

The Smoke Hunter series despite its every adventure hung on the cliff with answers for all characters based on a single question. It was a very primitive question about human nature:
“What do you desire?”

The answer comes to mind in superficial and self centered dream. I want to be successful and well established writer. Then comes the self degrading reproach for the answers should be things like world peace and better lives for the less fortunate. But that answer would be untrue to my character for I am not a person that seeks to change the world but rather make a difference with the things I have within my capacity. Then the reproachful part of me persists to ask things like health and well being of my loved ones. Yet again I have learned through experience in life that only one can truly take care of themselves and thus I have never asked for in in prayers for myself or others.

So, the question is yet unanswered. What I desire is to be a successful writer though my own hard work and means. The truth is deeper than the answer I give myself. My desire in the darkest corner whisper ‘money’ – endless amounts of it for as long as I live, and it should come with wisdom to spend it.

Because, life, as good as it may be is lived monetary value. For a poor man’s hunger and thirst is quenched with money, a child shelter is built with money and a women’s cloth is created with money. It wouldn’t solve every problem or buy me everything but it does carve the path to many solutions. I don’t it to be the answer to every problem but only make reaching the solution easier.

And what the money cannot best, I intend to work hard and earn it for myself but never did anyone say that money cannot make the journey damn comfortable and complacent.

Then again, my naive perspective isn’t getting anywhere so no harm done!

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