In the Shadow of the Storm: Wattpad

*The image is not my own by the cover of the story*

It is that time of the month, when a romance story catches your attention. What caught my attention was a ‘slow burn’ paranormal romance ‘In the Shadow of the Storm’ by Ren Tachiban on Wattpad. You know what this means?

It is time for a wattpad story review! ‘In the Shadow of the Storm’ is a story full of words that weave like silk threads forming a slippery cloth around your skin. The story in itself is full of scenic descriptions which pain a vivid picture of every passing scene. By the way, when the writer says. ‘slow burn’ she means it. The first rays of affection do not come easy and the first kiss does come before the 48th chapter.

The Story

The story revolves around a women, Lyn who escapes a man (Avlahn or elf), Marc Gaston. She lives her life in small town Greyridge which bears harsh winters and shelters a vampire, Cain Eldingar. The main characters come together under the pretext of employment as employer and employee under the contract of a ‘Scion’. Their intention have no hidden agendas of romance but nonetheless it develops uncalled. The story progresses with other characters like Shiro, Alister Eldur, Kuro, Espar, Akane and Rei playing their part of wrongdoings and righteousness. The acts of violence and treachery are spread across the story in scenes where a man is eaten alive by ravens on Cain’s call, when Shiro kills people in order to keep them quite, Kuro stumbles upon his first killing in Lyn’s house and so on. The center to all these events, directly or indirectly, is Lyn.



The main character herself is a force to be reckoned with. Even with a loss of memories, he manages to escape her captor with sufficiently embezzled funds. She has worked with a successful escape plan and creates a simple and effective back up plan for herself, least the situation demands it (which it does). When she is not dealing with broken memories, fears and problems, she is dedicated, hard working, clever, smart, graceful, witty and a positive presence. Most of all, she is not judgement of those around her creating a bond of friendship with Shiro and a budding relationship with Cain.


The other lead, Cain, is truthful, straightforward and as forthcoming as one could be. He is also present and evaluating making him desirable and well fit for Lyn. Though I fall short of praise for this character, he also has his fair share of flaws in violence and love, each.


My favourite character is Shiro, the Inferri who changes into a feline and had a burdensome past of his own, entwined with Cain’s at some points. He not only enjoys violence but seeks it out, and yet his disregard for humans does not convert into his disregard for life itself. I still can point a finger to what lead him to be my favourite but he is!


My first thoughts on starting the story were, ‘finally I get to real a vampire story on Wattpad without the ‘teen romance’ element and god am I grateful for it’. The story is primarily structured on the fictional fantasy of the existence of vampire and all creatures of the paranormal realm like witches, inferri, elves and wolves. The story unfolds between winter and spring of 2016 in New York, Greyridge and Japan in a world where the vampires’ existence is recognized in society.


While you read the story, I suggest you take a moment to marvel on the quotes that grace the top of each page and sometimes the story itself. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the story:

“Routine is an elixir of fortune to those of unsettled minds.”

Not to sound too scientific, I really love the quote for it’s multifaceted application

“She wore the darkness well.”

The first line of the story is like dipping your feet in water and knowing the temperature of what the bath is going to feel like. The line speaks volume of how the story twists and turns.

“Be wary of the desperate man, be wary of the angry man. Both have little inhibitions. Both will see you ruined.”

Very direct, this is something I am going to remember for a long, long time. It has a ring to it that resonates with me deeply for some unknown reason.


Overall, I suggest you add this story to your ‘evergreen’ selection. It is one those stories that you will visit and revisit multiple times.

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