What is Magic?

Image Credit: Instagram/ @kingdom.of.knight
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For me ‘Magic’ is not just a word, it is a world.

Magic for me is a genre, I would love to grow in, as a writer. It is the world of fantasy and fiction intertwined perfectly. I want to dive in it, live it, be it. All I want to ever read is Magic  and all I ever want to do is Magic.

It is all around me! I am engulfed in its folds and drowning in its depth with happiness. Harry Potter is Magic and I love it. Hobbit is Magic and I love it. The very concept of heaven, hell, angels and devil is magic!

Magic is not just an imagination or an imaginative reality for that matter, magic is now and it is here. The feel of my dress against my skin is magic and the heat in my face under the sun is magic. Right in this moment, as I vigorously type away, my speed is magic and the mirror that holds my alter image is magic.

I look in the mirror and there is another person, it is me and yet it is not, for it is my reflection. And just like my shadow isn’t and is me, my reflection is too! Thus, just by looking in a mirror right across from me, there exist two ‘me’ in this very place, in this very room. If it isn’t magic than what is?

To me sunlight is magic, cloud is magic, the rain is magic! Then there is the unseen, the darkness, the thunder, the vastness of the universe, the sound, the air, the pain, the emotions, the sadness, the quiet! The quiet is a great magic, a name, Silence for something that never was, will be or is and yet prevails as soon as sound vanishes. The paradox of silence within the paradox of magic!

The colors,the color changing trees and animals are magic, the words are magic, the ability to communicate with our eyes is magic and love and joy. Yes, it is all part of a magical scheme! The magic of nature.

There is my laptop which is magic, there is my speed of typing away subconsciously without having to remember each syllable in each word that I want to state is magic, my muscle memory is magic, electricity is magic, the unseen oxygen we live on is magic, my mirror is magic and oh! all the games and dramas I get on my tiny phone are outstanding magic, even though I have little patience for them! They are all magic of science.

Who does ever say that there is no such thing as magic? (except the Dursleys, and even they aren’t right)

The soul is magic! My brain knowing that there is no such thing as magic knows that everything around me and me myself are magic is magic!

And now I wonder, should I have named it as ‘Magic: A paradox’?

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