Short Wattpad Spy Stories: Raven and Atlas

Remember when I talked about my spy romance addiction in the last blog, it turns out almost every Wattpad story is about a high-school girl spy while I wish to read some with a guy spy in it.

Not that I don’t love a good girl spy novel but my preference today speaks differently. The sad part is, I found only short stories after scrolling through more than 50 covers and descriptions.

  • I found a short (6 part) story that has a Spy hunting down the people who kidnapped his wife and brings down an organization in the process. Just your average spy stuff, huh! Look for Atlas by Navy1734.

For a short story, the action scenes are detailed and the job gets done in the end. Though the romance factor is greatly lacking but it works for the story-line nicely. Also, unlike other series where the hero is alone and hunted, this hero is nicely backed up by his team/organization. Also, the end of this story goes wherever you would like or so says the writer. So, you know what that means: no conclusive ending but the given ending works for me as conclusive enough.

  • Raven by get_high_as_fuck is a assassin/spy story with Boy x Boy element and a depressing end. If you either don’t like or can’t handle it, I suggest you don’t read.

I was looking for guy-spy drama with a romantic touch, so when I stumbled upon this one, I was happy to have found something but the story disappointed me on the romance front. When I gave this 15 part story a try, it turned out to be startling begin. I also suggest you don’t miss out on the songs (especially Chapter 1, 6, 9 and 13)
The story goes from mission to emotion, to right down sad and sappy. I may have given up at the 10th chapter but the story ends at 15th so I marched on. By 13th chapter it looked like the spy agency/ org was no better than the killing-for-fun organization. All in all, the story has a great pick up and high, from start to middle but a downfall for an ending. So, if you are not up for a  downright depressing ending, don’t read this. Not much romance as the description promised.

Since, my last spy read on Wattpad was straight depressing, I am walking out on spy genre today. I feel like watching some happy ending mystical drama now, maybe read a novel or two in fantasy.

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