A Phase of Spy Dramas, Novels and Writings

Yes, you read it correctly! Spy dramas and novels are big with me so, if you want your dose of spy drama and spy romance, tune in.

I was just skimming through a series of things of watch or read when a ‘Korean Drama Man to Man’ caught my eye. It has one of the actors I have been meaning to see in serious roles and when I saw him in a spy-romance it was a treat to me.

If you’d ask me to read a complete romance novel, I’ll probably skip until that mood sets in (only happens once in every 6 months) but if you’d ask me for something action and thrill packed, I am always game.

Every once in a while, every reader gets high on a particular genre. Mine usually constitute of something that has a few drops of romance on the side with a big dose of spy-revenge-action-secret identity (or it has to be a complete fantasy series but that is a story for another time).

The big question is, what happens when you and I get high on a genre?

I don’t know about you but I quench it with everything possible. I read novels, I read wattpad stories, I read short stories around it, I read poems, I read fan fictions, I hunt down dramas to watch, I binge watch Korean and English series, I make a list of series I’d watch in that genre, I drag out my old list from the last time I went through that phase, I watch two series simultaneous at a time too and I get stuck in a room for days. I even watch FMVs (Fanmade Music Videos) of dramas and books.

It does’t end there. I drown in random snippets and prompts and post them on Instagram, I write random snippets and prompts as well, I write short stories around it. I create small fanfics on Wattpad with my favorite characters.

Writing this post early in the morning of 15th March is a big proof that it has already started.

The next big question is, how long will this last?

The answer lies in how good the drama/novel was, that got me high in the first place. It will last for a day, a week, a month or even 3 months. You may even see a drift to fantasy section but the core remains the same spy-action-romance. I have a feeling this phase will only last for 3 days to a week.

I can even tell you right now what I am going to do next:

Read short spy stories on Wattpad and write snippets and post them on Instagram!

Bye, the stories are calling me!


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