When I Bought My First Harry Potter Books

I brought my first Harry Potter Books over the past weekend. It wasn’t a great memorable day but it was a great feeling. I have read Harry Potter books a dozen times or maybe more but I not own a copy.

I brought home the first three parts of Harry Potter Books past Sunday. That moment flushed my mind with a lot of other memories. Let’s go down some of them:

I have became a keen reader since a young age. My father used to tell us tales, fascinating ones. Eventually I grew up and I started reading some of my own. It started with local magazine which have these tiny section dedicated to cartoon based one page stories. I often read short stories out of books that had Indian folk stories.

I remember being old enough to get a library card from the school library. But each class was restricted to borrow books from a certain shelves only. Each week, in the library period we had to return the book and would get a new one. No one from my class but me would get books, one after the other. Each week, I would get a new book, finish it up asap and eagerly wait for the next.


I didn’t know the concept of public library existed. I was a kid. Eventually my class upgraded and so did my library card. Somewhere around that time, me and my siblings had watched Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secret.

While getting my first book on the upgraded card, I found this Harry Potter book with a different name in the senior shelf.

Thankfully the librarian permitted and I got the book. That was my first Harry Potter experience!

Eventually, I goy so addicted to reading the series that my parents bought me the 6th book in the Harry Potter Series and I used to hide it behind my course books while reading it. I would hide it under my cover or my pillow or read it in the flash light after the lights were out in my room.

Those were some amazing crazy times. Eventually, I bought a digital copy of the complete series and never had to worry again. There after I have often thought about buying the series but always bought something else. It was going to be the same this time, but only if I could resist the temptation.

I may have bought it a few years ago, I may have bought it last year or I may have bought it in school. This turned out to be perfect time because the when I first opened my beloved new harry potter book, it had a map of Hogwarts and the surrounding area.

I am screaming right now *in my head*

People say, “You never know what you are missing out on, until you loose it.”
I say, “You never know what you are missing out on, until you find it.”


4 thoughts on “When I Bought My First Harry Potter Books”

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. My first HP book was borrowed copy from my friend. It was when I was in my 6th grade and boy was I excited! I Such fond memories of finishing the series. I’ve got a copy of the play too that came out recently.


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