Mental Block: A Writer’s Momentary Doom

You pick your pen, the pages are a blank canvas in front of you but you have nothing to put there.

Your mind may be in thousand places at once but in that very moment, there is not a single thought.

Your pen may be overflowing with ink but none of it finds its way onto the blank pages your love so much.

You may look around, trying to think of something or to concoct a scenario or an emotion but nothing comes.

You close the book and put your pen down in irritation but there is nothing you can do about it in that moment.

You leave your desk and the emotions take over your heart but you fail to notice them as noteworthy.

You go on to find inspiration and rejuvenation in your haven as nothing matters more than the words you want to pen.

You have found your inspiration and you have found your light but it is helpless against the lack of words.

You have the words now and you have the light within you as you rush back to that abandoned pen and paper.

You are the king now and you are knight for your pen found the words to rule the world and you had a proper fight.

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