Dear Rain

Dear Rain!

I love you, I really do. To many people, you feel gloomy with your grey clouds and constant pestering drizzle but not to me. To me? You are the one of the few things in life that silently gives.

I love standing under your drizzle. It makes me feel like all my worries, all my thoughts (tormenting and peaceful, alike) have washed away. I feel empty and free while looking at your beauty and standing under your blessings. You are subtle with all your words and sounds.

Even though I am bad with chills and cold, I still bear with it because I really do love you. Even though I can’t go outdoors, I still bear with it because I really do love you. And above all, you create constant colds, coughs, fevers with your windy cold chills but I still love you.

DSCF9009 (2)

Yet, at the end of the day one thing can be definitive about. You sure are persisting! Even though deep down I believe that you are fulfilling a purpose in someone’s life or farm or lake but I am sure you too can take a break.

Suddenly, a comparison pops up in my mind: Little Kids

Little kids who love to play, engrossed in their tasks, making others smile with their innocence. At the same time those kids leave behind a huge mess to clean up when they are done with the toys or done playing.

You too leave a mess behind. Puddles, wet mud, slippery roads, overflowing drainage, over-flooding rivers, limited sight and even though it isn’t your fault per say: traffic!

And damn, you are tough to Photograph! I tried the raindrops dangling from the rails and I tired to capture you bouncing of the floor but you are one tough thing.

DSCF9033 (2)

Lastly, all I request: please wash away the mud and leave the roads clean, clear away your lingering clouds so that the sun can brighten the silky roads and finally, get done just in time when the rivers and farms have had enough.

You can have your stage and your play the next day and the next and so on but do let us, the world, have the needed break it needs to come back to normal.

The winters let us have the sun and the sun let us have the wind and rain. Now it is you I ask to let us give us a break.


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